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Software solutions

​​Simplify IT management, mitigate risk, and accelerate results.

Once known primarily as a hardware/PC company, Dell has injected vital software offerings into its portfolio to become a powerful end-to-end solutions provider.

Now it's easier than ever to meet your customers' demands for integrated and innovative IT management solutions. Whether it's managing virtualization and cloud computing, secure mobility user access governance, or the untapped potential of data, Dell is unlocking the power of IT to drive business value.

The best way to start? Drastically reduce complexity and risk. Scalable, integrated business and enterprise software solutions from Dell make it easier for your customers to secure and manage networks, applications, systems, endpoints, devices and data to help their businesses deliver on the full promise of technology. And we make it easier for you, our Partners, to show them how.

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Data Center Management   Data center and cloud management
The data center is at the heart of your customers' IT operations. Efficient service management and automation are critical to facilitating the growth of their businesses. With the right solution, you'll deliver your customers the most value for their technology investment, helping to ensure that they are supporting their business' most critical goals.


Information Management  Information management
Data is being created at unbelievable rates. Your customers may be struggling with effectively managing their data and turning it into useful information for decision making. It was challenging enough when it was just on-premise databases. Now, it's structured, semi and unstructured data spanning on-premise to cloud. Tools that were designed to manage just Oracle or SQL Server are not equipped to handle the challenges of big data.


Mobile Workforce  Mobile workforce management
The modern mobile worker isn't constrained by a desktop or even a single platform. They demand the freedom to work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are, which devices they're using, or what platform they're working on.



Security   Security
Data is your customers' competitive advantage. To maintain and grow that edge over the competition, they must protect their organizations and the data in it from advanced persistent threats, cybercriminals, spam, malware, and loss. Your customers face unprecedented challenges combatting cybercrime, as well as huge growth in the number of connected devices accessing their secure networks.


Data Protection  Data Protection
Dell software solutions offer fast, easy, and cost-effective ways to protect the business-critical data in your customers' physical, virtual, application, and cloud environments. The superior scalability and broad platform support of our solutions allow your customers to simplify data protection minimize risk and get their systems up and running faster, whether they're an enterprise or a small-to-medium-sized business. 

Speed Partner time-to-profitability through one simple program
As a result of our expanded product and service offerings, we've enhanced our PartnerDirect program to support Partners selling hardware, software, or a combination of both.

PartnerDirect offers choice, flexibility and simplicity, speeding Partner time-to-profitability by enabling the sale of end to end and point solutions through one simple program.

PartnerDirect also offers a strategic program designed uniquely for Service Providers, allowing Partners to take advantage of key benefits such as marketing, training, business planning support and monthly subscription billing in arrears in support of the unique Service Provider model.

Through PartnerDirect, you can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to sell, demonstrate, and implement Dell products and related services across multiple Competencies and learning paths. Learn more about PartnerDirect's training and enablement.

All Partners can benefit not only from comprehensive training and enablement but also from the power of the Dell brand. Thanks in large part to our Channel Partners, Dell Software is a $1.5 billion business selling into 90% of the Fortune 1000.

The program features variable requirements to help ensure the success of each Partner type including revenue threshold, discount levels, and rebate eligibility. Learn more about PartnerDirect's program structure, requirements and benefits.