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There's a Latitude laptop for every job.

Smart Selection Introducing Smart Selection

Keep your mobile workforce working with Dell Latitude laptops, Ultrabooks™ and tablets. With designs that range from small and lightweight to real-world rugged, the Latitude family can help keep your customers' employees connected and their data protected while providing IT staff with high levels of control, manageability, and reliability.

All your customers' stakeholders — from the corner office to the IT support desk — will agree that the newest Dell™ Latitude™ laptops deliver the security, reliability and manageability they need. Take advantage of this opportunity today and introduce your customers to the new Dell Latitude 3000, 5000 and 7000 Series, featuring up to 4th gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.
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Dell Latitude 7000 Series
The commercial laptop completely redefined – amazing looks, leading reliability and Ultrabook™ mobility. Work with speed, security and agility using our newest generation of Latitude Ultrabooks™.

     • Elite design and reliability
     • Consumer-inspired features with optional touch screen
     • The most secure Ultrabooks
     • The most manageable business laptops

New! Latitude 12 and 14 7000 Series Ultrabooks now available.
Latitude 7000 Series spec sheet
Latitude 7000 Series technical guide
• See how the Latitude 7000 series stacks up to the durability of the Lenovo
  X1 Carbon
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Latitude E6440 and E6540 Laptops now available – the most secure business laptops
Latitude E6440 and E6540 guard your customers' data with industry-leading endpoint security solutions that include comprehensive encryption, strong authentication and leading-edge malware protection.
Latitude E6440 spec sheet
Latitude E6440 sales aid and technical guideSecured
Latitude E6540 spec sheet
Latitude E6540 sales aidSecured

Dell Latitude 5000 Series
Outstanding reliability and security in the world's most manageable business-class laptops. Enable your customers to be ready for whatever the day throws at them with an easy-to-manage 14" or 15.6" touch-optional laptop with the features and performance their business needs.

    • Outstanding manageability
    • Exceptional security
    • Reliable performance

New! Latitude 14 and 15 5000 Series now available
• Latitude 5000 Series spec sheet
• Latitude 14 5000 Series vs EliteBookSecured
• Latitude 14 5000 Series vs ThinkPad_T440Secured
• Latitude 14 5000 Series vs ThinkPad_T440sSecured

Dell Latitude 3000 Series
Reliable and affordable laptops designed for small businesses and schools with essential computing needs. Dell Latitude 3000 Series delivers excellent productivity for content creation and consumption. 

    • Reliable performance
    • Durable design with optional touch screen
    • Highly secure and manageable  

Latitude 14 and 15 3000 Series now available
Latitude 3000 Series Spec Sheet
Latitude 3000 Series Technical Guide

New! Dell Latitude 13 Education Series
Purpose-built to meet the needs of any student computing program, the Dell Latitude 13 education series laptop is well equipped with powerful processors, large 13.3" display and full-size keyboard to deliver a rich learning experience, online or off.
Latitude 13 Education Series Spec Sheet
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Dell OptiPlex

Productivity for professionals. Control for IT. The new Dell OptiPlex.

New! OptiPlex 3020 desktop now available.
Great performance with outstanding value – the new OptiPlex 3020 is ready to perform, and provides best-in-class security that is easy to deploy and manage.
OptiPlex 3020 spec sheet

New! OptiPlex 9020 and 9020 All-in-One (AIO) now available.
Help your customers easily manage their entire desktop fleet and keep their business running smoothly with exceptional, integrated manageability features.
OptiPlex 9020 AiO Spec Sheet
OptiPlex 9020 Spec Sheet

New! The Dell™ OptiPlex™ 3011 All-in-One is now available.
Help deliver manageability, reliability and security to your customers' productivity or interactive learning needs.
OptiPlex 3011 AiO Spec Sheet

Microsoft Lync 

Whether your customers' organization is a growing business or large-scale global enterprise, Dell OptiPlexTM desktops help your customers control costs and manage resources throughout the IT lifecycle. Incorporating the latest generation of computing technologies, the OptiPlex family of desktops combines advanced management capabilities with a robust, energy-efficiency to help your customers' organization achieve more with less. 

  • Smart productivity and easy manageability – Make life easy for IT and help your customers' workforce get more out of each day with our latest lineup of highly manageable, powerful OptiPlex desktops. Take control the world's most manageable desktops — featuring Intel® vPro™ and Dell's unique management extensions. 
  • Highly secure – Safeguard your data with Dell Data Protection (DDP) solutions for encryption, authentication and malware-prevention, available on all OptiPlex systems
  • Outstanding reliability – Built with premium materials and easily serviceable parts, OptiPlex desktops are extensively tested for durability and offer a smart, long-lasting investment.
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OptiPlex 9020 AiO Spec Sheet
OptiPlex 9020 Spec Sheet
OptiPlex 9020 Sales Aid Secured
OptiPlex 3011 AiO Spec Sheet
OptiPlex 3011 AiO Sales Aid Secured
OptiPlex 3020 spec sheet
OptiPlex XE2 Spec Sheet
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Dell Chromebook 11

Empower each student to learn and grow with an education class Chromebook. Enable educators and IT professionals to engage each student in district-wide learning initiatives.
Change the way students learn
Optimized for today's students: The lightweight, easy-to-use Dell Chromebook 11 helps turn education into exploration — without the worries of safety or security..
The new classroom in the cloud
Chromebook 11 comes ready to use with the best Google apps built-in and thousands more available in the Chrome Web Store. From multiplication games to SAT practice, Spanish vocabulary to interactive storybooks, there's an app for any student, any subject and any level.

Automatic security for peace of mind
Easily monitor and manage every Chromebook 11 from a single place with a simple management console. Keep kids safe as they surf. Track how Chromebooks are used – and who uses them. Install or block apps. Or configure network access and customize user features, all with the click of a button.

Drive Student success with education solutions
Dell K-12 Education Solutions help schools effectively use technology, increase teacher productivity and engage students. From hardware and software support to IT planning and professional development for teachers, Dell helps schools build a digital learning environment from start to finish.

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Dell XPS™

Unparalleled convenience & mobility with the power of a full-size laptop.
New XPS 11 2-in-1 Ultrabook™ – Beneath its power lies swift power.
Give your customers the flexibility and fun of a tablet and the powerful productivity of a laptop with the thinnest, lightest, most compact 2-in-1 Ultrabook™ in the world. Made even better with the 11.6" UltraSharp QHD (2560 x 1440) touch display.
XPS 11 Spec Sheet
New XPS 12 2-in-1 Ultrabook™ with Touch Screen.
Innovative flip-hinge design — powered by 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and Windows 8. Features a 12.5" HD display and over 8 hours of battery life. Whether your customers are browsing their favorite blogs in tablet mode, or answering emails and preparing presentations in Ultrabook™ mode, the XPS 12 is built around their life.
XPS 12 Spec Sheet
New XPS 13 Ultrabook™ with Optional Touch Screen – Portability, meet performance.
Enable your customers to go full speed ahead with the faster new XPS 13 Ultrabook™, Inspired by Intel®. Expect stunning clarity on the full HD display, now with an optional touch screen.
XPS 13 Spec Sheet
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Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks

OptiPlex 9020 All-in-One Touch

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