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Dell Fluid File System

Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS) is an enterprise-class distributed file system that provides customers with the tools necessary to manage multi-petabyte file workloads in an efficient and simple manner. It removes the scalability limitations associated with traditional file systems, and it supports both scale-out performance and scale-up capacity expansion, all within a single namespace for ease of administration.

FluidFS enables flexible NAS and unified storage solutions with lower acquisition costs than competitive offerings. These solutions support industry standard file access protocols and provide innovative features, including integrated NAS/SAN management, advanced data protection and policy-based file deduplication and compression.

FluidFS-based NAS appliances include:

EqualLogic FS7600 and FS7610 — Unified storage solutions that offer scale-out Unified Storage for mid-tier deployments. The FS760x0 series provides peer-scaling, intuitive management and all-inclusive software licensing. With FluidFS you can reduce the capacity required by common data by 48% with de-duplication and compression.1

Compellent FS8600 — The FS8600 NAS appliance with FluidFS v3 provides a flexible solution for capacity- and performance-intensive file workloads. Its scale-out architecture supports a single namespace up to 2PB and linear performance expansion up to 494K SPECsfs OPS.

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1 Based on May 2013 internal Dell analysis of the FS8600 NAS appliance with Fluid Data Reduction, using real-world home share environment comprised of Office files (21%), .GZ (19%) and .flate (19%) files, among others.

Dell EqualLogic FS7600 and FS7610 with FluidFS v3 Accelerates Performance and Efficiency