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Dell PartnerDirect Program
When you become a partner in our reseller program, you will see that teaming up with Dell is an easy and smart move for your business. Dell offers many tools and resources to help VARs raise profits and provide the flexibility and expertise your customers deserve. From business development to sales and marketing to support, the Dell PartnerDirect program recognizes and rewards our most committed and qualified Partners with the tools and resources that directly meet their needs as a Dell reseller.

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Dell PartnerDirect Program requirements are simple:
certificate A valid reseller certificate
website An active company website
email An active email account tied to the company domain


program benefits   Dell PartnerDirect program benefits include:
  • Deal Registration: protect qualified opportunities
  • Training: high-value, low-cost training and competencies
  • Marketing: access to co-branding marketing materials
  • Financing: flexible partner and customer financing
  • PartnerDirect Portal: Partner resources consolidated at one location

  • Additional benefits for our most committed and valued partners.

    Dell Preferred and Premier Partners have completed competency requirements in one or more areas, and are recognized as experts in key Dell offerings. Our most loyal and committed partners enjoy higher-level benefits and service as a reward for their ongoing trust and support of Dell and the Dell PartnerDirect program.

  • Expanded deal registration benefits available
  • Go-to partner status for Dell sales and marketing teams
  • Partner Resource Desk access
  • 21-Day product return policy (limitations apply)
  • Extended terms financing available through Dell’s channel financing partners; GE Capital, IBM Global Financing, Wells Fargo Capital Finance.
  • 45 day terms for Preferred partners*,  60 day terms for Premier partners* (*subject to credit approval)
  • Potential access to Dell Field Marketing resources
  • Potential access to seed units for customer demonstrations
  • Listing on "Find a Partner" at
  • Competency Areas 


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    Avalon Technologies leverages Dell's best-in-class solutions

    Avalon Technologies


    The Dell PartnerDirect program is designed to help you do four things:

    • Offer the products and solutions that your customers want

    • Gain differentiation for the services you can offer
    • Build credibility in the industry

    • Grow your business
    A program based on our partners' needs, it offers the tools and resources that will benefit you most. The Dell PartnerDirect program is committed to giving you greater opportunities while maintaining the program simplicity that our partners appreciate.

    Registered Partner
    • A valid reseller certificate
    • An active company website
    • An active e-mail account tied to the company domain
    Preferred Partner

    Dell Registered Partner requirements, plus:

    • One or more completed PartnerDirect Competencies
    • Four unique individuals (two sales and two technical) must complete the competency training requirements.
    • Revenue Requirements*
    Premier Partner

    Dell Preferred Partner requirements, plus:

    • Two or more completed PartnerDirect Competencies
    • Eight unique individuals (four sales and four technical) must complete the competency training requirements
    • One individual completes one Dell solutions training course
    • PartnerDirect Premier Partner logo displayed on partner's website
    • Revenue Requirements*

    *See the Certified Partner Program Guide for detailed requirements, competencies, training and benefits information.

    We are constantly looking for excellent resellers to add to our PartnerDirect team who have the same expectations of integrity and high standards of excellence. It is who we are. It is how we do business. To help us carefully select these Partners, we use the TRAC program to vet each of our new PartnerDirect members.

    This will benefit each partner by:

  • Replacing repetitive due diligence requests.
  • Allowing you to share your profile with others.
  • Ensuring you comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Making the compliance process more efficient and transparent.
  • Providing a simple way for you to verify each other's identity.
  • Ready to join our Dell PartnerDirect team? Click below to join today! You will receive additional instructions on how to obtain a TRAC number after your application has been submitted, some fees may apply.

    Additional information will be required at the time of registration.

    Join now >  

    From business development to sales and marketing to support, Dell will be as committed to you as you are to us, providing incremental sales opportunities and support from the Dell team.

    Registered Partner
    This level is how you begin a
    business relationship with Dell,
    driving opportunity for you
    and choice for your customers.

    • One-stop online ordering and account management through the Partner Portal
    • Potential rewards from Dell based on qualified purchases
    • Flexible partner and customer financing programs
    • Deal registration
    • Access to pre-configured, customer-ready solutions (Business Ready Configurations)
    • High-value, low-cost training
    • Pre- and post-sale Customer Care support
    • Product information, collateral, and much more - all available through the Partner Portal
    • Access to Dell Solutions Centers online demos
    • Access to Dell co-marketing materials and content syndication
    • Access to Dell product image library

    Preferred Partner
    This level is for partners who
    have gone the extra mile. You
    have become an expert in Dell
    products and solution areas
    —and you get more
    opportunities as a result.

    Dell Registered Partner benefits, plus:
    • Line of Business Registration access
    • Potential access to Dell-generated leads
    • Eligibility for rep level incentives1
    • Product return policy2
    • Payment terms (subject to credit approval)
    • Channel Account Manager or an Inside Sales Team
    • Access to the Certified Partner Resource and Development team
    • Potential access to seed units for customer demonstrations3
    • Access to field marketing support
    • Access to Dell Employee Purchase Program
    • Invitation to select Dell corporate events
    • Evaluation and NFR key access4
    • "Find a Partner" listing on
    • May be eligible for partner rebate program

    Premier Partner
    This level is for partners who
    demonstrate the highest level
    of commitment to Dell solutions.
    You make the highest investment
    in us, so we invest back in you.

    Dell Registered and Dell Preferred Partner benefits, plus:
    • Market development funds for demand generation activities
    • Case study collaboration
    • For more information about benefits, please read the Certified Partner Program Guide.

    Requirements >        Competencies

    1 Exclusions apply 2 To view the complete return policy visit here. 3 Does not apply to software. 4 Software partners only

    Competency Areas

    Your customers turn to you for expertise around Dell products and solutions. That's why the PartnerDirect Program lets you become certified in specific practice areas – areas that can open additional business opportunities with the new and existing clients. These may be areas where your organization already excels or is looking to add specific expertise. Whether you're capitalizing on an existing organizational strength or seeking a new area in which to grow your business, completing PartnerDirect Competencies helps to ensure that your organization gets the highest level of support from Dell.

    Completing competencies are a key ingredient of becoming a Dell Preferred or Premier Partner thus increasing your benefits and opportunities.

     Hardware   Software


    Server Competency

    With a server competency you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to help your customers find the best compute solution for their business. From cost effective SMB options to high performing rack, blade and shared infrastructure solutions, investing in the Dell PartnerDirect server competency will provide you with the necessary training to help solve your customers’ compute challenges.


    Storage Competency

    With a storage competency your team will increase their technical knowledge of Dell’s award-winning line of PowerVault, EqualLogic and Compellent storage arrays as well as the positioning skills to win more storage opportunities. Our storage competency includes training on Dell’s Performance Analysis Collection Kit, or DPACK, providing you the ability to perform custom storage assessments for your customers. The storage curriculum also includes training on the Host Integration Tool for Microsoft® Systems, helping you to provide integration service for your customers. Also with a full understanding of Dell’s Network Attached Storage, Storage Area Network and Direct Attached Storage options you will be able to align the best solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

    Deployment Services

    Deployment Services

    With a deployment services competency, partners have greater expertise, accuracy and efficiency with their storage and networking deployments. Partners with Certified Deployment Professionals gain access to exclusive Dell tools, best practices, and the latest critical technical updates for richer deployment capabilities. This allows partners to expand reach, grow deployment opportunities and increase revenue.


    Security Competency

    With a security competency you will focus on solutions that can help your customers reduce the risk from external and internal threats. When you partner with Dell in security, you bring an award-winning portfolio of solutions to your customers that are highly–rated in the industry and spans across the network, user, endpoint, applications and more.

    Partners can choose from two specializations:

    Network Security Specialization

    Dell network security solutions, which feature the award-winning Dell SonicWALL products, help your customers secure their networks while sustaining performance and simplifying management.

    Identity and Access Management Specialization

    Dell Identity and Access Management solutions help your customers to secure their enterprise, reduce complexity, and enable compliance in the areas of identity governance, privileged management, and access management.


    Networking Competency

    With a networking competency you can gain the knowledge necessary to help your customers find the best networking solutions for their business. The training within this competency spans from Dell’s campus networking offerings to high-end, data center networking solutions. Upon completing the requirements of this competency, you should have the knowledge necessary to help your customers deploy standards-based, highly scalable, and cost effective networks.

    Client Solutions

    Client Solutions Competency

    With a client solutions competency, you will gain the expertise and knowledge necessary to become a trusted advisor to recommend Dell’s clients solutions to your customers. The competency will help you to uncover opportunities and position Dell’s client solutions portfolio, including laptops, desktops and mobile, as having outstanding reliability and being the most secure and most manageable client solutions in the industry. The training will help you to gain insight into Dell’s client strategy, introduce you to the client solutions product family and explain the differentiating factors. You will also have access to many electives to deepen your knowledge around key products within the portfolio and solutions that meet your customer’s needs.

    Workstation Competency

    Workstation Competency

    With a workstation competency, you will become your customer’s trusted advisor, knowing that you can confidently educate and recommend Dell’s Workstation product family as outstandingly reliable and able to deliver fast results in your customer’s performance environments. With this competency, you will deepen your knowledge on the Dell Precision tower, mobile and rack series workstations as well as complementary software, peripherals and services. The required training courses will provide you with the ability to uncover opportunities; position the Precision portfolio with your customers; match the right systems to a customer’s needs; and differentiate the Dell Precision workstations from competitors as well as from each other.

    Desktop Virtualization

    Desktop Virtualization Solutions Competency

    With a desktop virtualization solutions competency you can gain expertise in Dell cloud client-computing / desktop virtualization solutions including Dell Wyse products. Partners who complete the desktop virtualization solutions competency can respond to their customer’s evolving end user computing needs. The competency builds on your knowledge of Dell Wyse cloud clients, virtualization and management software, and Dell Wyse Datacenter solutions composed of Dell servers, storage, and networking.


    Cloud Services and Solutions Competency

    With a cloud services and solutions competency you will learn that cloud computing not only improves business processes and operational efficiency – it reinvents the role of IT. Choose to achieve a competency in Dell cloud services and solutions and become familiar with Dell cloud solutions. By being exposed to Dell’s vision and implementation of cloud computing solutions you can recognize your customers’ cloud needs and associate the correct Dell solution.

    • Cloud Builder
    • Cloud Services Enabler
    • Cloud Provider

    Data Protection

    Data Protection Competency

    With a Dell data protection competency you can learn how to match your customers backup to their business and build the most efficient and effective solution for their unique business. Through award-winning Dell data protection solutions such as AppAssure, NetVault Backup, vRanger and the DR an DL families of backup appliances, you can assist your customer in building a fully-optimized data protection environment for any size of business quickly and easily, without changing their overall data protection strategy.

    Systems Management

    Systems Management Competency

    With a Dell systems management competency partner can take advantage of a broad portfolio of client, data center and cloud management solutions. These solutions can help your customers to modernize their application and service delivery, accelerate automation, and optimize their physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. The systems management competency includes four specializations.

    • Endpoint Management Specialization

    Endpoint management solutions simplify the deployment and management of a full range of endpoint systems including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and virtual workspaces

    • Windows Server Management Specialization

    Windows server management solutions enable efficient migrations, help customers ensure compliance, automate administration, and improve recovery in Windows-based environments

    • Performance Monitoring Specialization

    Performance monitoring solutions provide end-to-end performance monitoring for infrastructure, applications, and end users

    • Virtualization and Cloud Specialization

    Virtualization and cloud solutions focus on data protection, monitoring and optimization of infrastructure, and application delivery in virtualized environments

    Information Management

    Information Management Competency

    With a Dell information management compentency you will gain knowledge around our powerful, yet easy-to-use, solutions that span the entire breadth of the information lifecycle, enabling you and your customers to better manage data, improve data integration and amplify the benefits of data analysis. The information management competency focuses on the Dell database management solutions, which includes the Toad and SharePlex product sets. These solutions enable your customers to simplify and automate database administration, development and monitoring. Our solutions complement your customers chosen technologies and help them get the most from their data and IT investments.

    Deployment Services Certification

    Individuals who successfully complete a Deployment Services Certification learning path will have increased knowledge of Dell’s best practices for deployment installation and planning. After passing an exam they will earn the industry recognized distinction of “Certified Deployment Professional”.


    • Storage and networking certification tracks
    • Recommended instructor led training
    • Certification is valid for 2 years

    There are three certification paths available: SC Series Storage, PS Series Storage and N&S Series Networking. Each path has recommended training courses for individuals who are preparing to take the Deployment Services Certification exam(s) to earn certification. For more information on certification please visit our certification site or contact your Dell sales representative.

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    Partner Compliance Expectations