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The stability customers demand

One company. One source. One focus.

Keeping the full range of technology solutions under a single successful company means Dell can help you see the “big picture” for your customers. Therefore, we give you more objective ways to address challenges, we’re able to act as your solid partner and we can maintain our unyielding focus on how to help you succeed. As Dell channel continues to grow faster than the global market by three to four times, we’re building on our commitment to our channel partners and distributors with new technology investments, simplified sales engagement and enhanced support that goes above and beyond transactions. Even when others in the industry are splitting their businesses apart, Dell is committed to being a true end-to-end provider. We’re also committed to your growth as a trusted advisor to your customers.

Dell PCs  
Dell gained share in PCs for the eighth consecutive quarter in calendar Q2, according to IDC. In fact, Dell had the fastest year-over-year growth among our peers in the commercial client segment, according to IDC.
Dell servers  
Dell maintained its number two share position in the global x86 server market for the second straight quarter and generated year over year growth in both rack and blade servers.
Dell storage  
Dell was the number one storage vendor in total terabytes sold (internal and external) for the first half of 2014, according to IDC.
Dell software  
Dell software registered double-digit revenue growth, with strength in security and information-management areas, including data analytics and enterprise application integration.
Dell services  
Dell services is the number one IT services provider in the healthcare industry and has acquired significant new customers in the financial services industry.

With Dell, you can succeed while offering your customers peace of mind, thanks to our stability and complete portfolio of end-to-end solutions. Now more than ever, Dell is the right company for your technology needs.

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Providing certainty in an uncertain world

A message from Michael Dell

“Our Dell business is up over 50 percent and is outpacing our total business growth. Our company is growing faster with Dell than with other partners. Why? Superior products and Dell’s end-to-end solutions story is really helping our business grow.”

— Jason Cherveny
President and CEO, Sanity Solutions