GICS Overview
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Global Infrastructure Consulting Service Practices
GICS Practices

Global Infrastructure Consulting Service Practices

Have your customers reviewed how much of their budget is spent maintaining existing systems, rather than investing in strategic business growth? Are they facing flattened or reduced budgets due to the current economy? Are they struggling with how they are going to deliver the same or even greater levels of service at a lower cost? Are your customers concerned about how to scale and protect their current environment without creating even more complexity? Would your customers like to take advantage of new technology to improve their business agility?

Here at Dell we believe that the IT services market is ready for innovation. While hardware and software have undergone continuous evolution, the IT Services market has made little progression. Traditional IT Services are typically people intensive, time consuming and inflexible. Dell transformed the IT hardware industry by enabling customers to configure standard components to meet their precise needs with access to a world-class global supply chain. Dell is now applying these same principles to IT services, changing the economics of consulting. With Dell Global Services, customers and partners can speed deployment and mitigate risk by utilizing modular service offerings which are based on a unique combination of skilled consultants and the latest automated tools and techniques to accelerate IT infrastructure projects.

Dell believes in empowering our customers. Unlike our competitors who want their customers to become dependent on their consultants for large, never-ending integration projects, at Dell we focus on enabling our customer every step of the way. Our experts involve customers in architectural decisions and show IT staff how to effect a transition. At Dell we believe empowered customers with freedom to choose will be more successful. And, these customers will tend to choose Dell more and more often.

With Dell, customers can begin to evolve from complexity to simplicity in practical steps. The result? Drive more uniformity into their environment to help free up people-hours, boost productivity and enable IT innovation to drive new strategic business growth initiatives. Dell helps companies reclaim their IT resources and shift from maintenance to momentum.