What is a Preferred Partner
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What is a Dell Preferred Partner

What is a Dell Preferred Partner?

What is a Preferred Partner

Please note the Preferred Partner Program is a separate program to Partner Direct and status in each program is entirely independent.

The Preferred Partner Program is Dell’s new delivery partner ecosystem focussed on delivering Dell IP linked to key technologies within infrastructure consulting to its customers. The Preferred Partner Program is focused on Dell’s infrastructure consulting business with its established global practices in:

  • IT Simplification
  • End-User Computing
  • Microsoft
  • Virtualization
  • Data Center
  • Storage
  • Dell Education Services
Dell continues to openly leverage a partner model to achieve growth and to maintain an effective cost model for its customers. Dell’s approach is typically to use a combination of Dell consultants and partners on any project or series of projects. However to optimize quality and consistency for its customers Dell also recognises the need for greater structure and closer relationships with these business partners and this is at the core of the Preferred Partner Program.

Selection Process

Selection Process

All Preferred Partners follow a set selection process (which is carried out at a minimum annually) with EMEA-wide consistent criteria which includes:

  • Industry certifications/expertise (Microsoft, VMware, EMC).
  • Price competitive and good value.
  • Transparent pricing models (i.e. Open Book where required).
  • Scale - sufficient scaled capacity to fulfil Dell expected partner need in Preferred Practice area nationally.
  • Willingness to invest in Dell.
  • Ability to grow and adapt to Dell’s needs.
  • Agreement to Preferred Partner Agreement.
  • Where relevant IP contribution or value add “IP Preferred Partners”.
  • Proven track record of quality projects and high customer satisfaction.
Once completed Dell intends that the selected partners receive are their default delivery partners in that geography in that specialism unless reasonable business reasons dictate otherwise.

GICS Partner Strategy

GICS Partner Strategy

Dell Global Infrastructure Consulting Services (GICS) develops Dell intellectual property (IP), reference architecture and standardized documentation, delivered through our Workshop-Assessment-Design-Implementation (WADI) framework.

We provide Dell consulting direct to customer’s and also utilize specialist partners within a Preferred Partner program who compliment our own skills, combining the expertise of Dell’s Solution Architects with the experience and skills of our Preferred Partners. Dell selects preferred delivery partners against strict criteria, identifying partners with specialist skills in core technology areas or industry segments. Dell’s Solution Architects help ensure that the solution is architected to Dell’s standards, and oversee delivery quality.

GICS offerings are available for re-sale through our channel reseller partners (PartnerDirect), and are delivered utilizing Dell’s IP with Solution Architects working alongside our channel partners. Dell may involve GICS Preferred Partners to assist with delivery.

Dell also provides a broad portfolio of Education, Training & Qualification services. These standardized Education Services are delivered by Partners to Dell’s standards, utilizing Dell’s or partner’s training facilities. These Education Services can be re-sold by our channel partners.

Geographic Scope

Geographic Scope

Dell’s Preferred Partners are selected country by country and the program is now live in 45 countries across the globe.

Geographic ScopeGeographic Scope