PartnerDirect Excellence Awards
PartnerDirect Excellence Awards

Fourteen Top partners across Asia Pacific and Japan have been awarded the Dell Asia Pacific and Japan PartnerDirect Excellence Award for their outstanding partnership and business accomplishments.

These awards for top partner performances continue on from last year’s inaugural recognition awards from across the region, which was a first for Dell PartnerDirect in Asia Pacific when these awards were launched in 2012.

The Dell Asia Pacific and Japan PartnerDirect Excellence Awards recognize channel partners not only for their valuable contribution but, also for sharing the Dell’s vision and for successfully delivering Dell’s enterprise solutions. These awards also continue to reinforce Dell’s commitment to our channels.

Our winning partners were highly engaged, trained, certified and have effectively articulated and deployed Dell’s data center solutions to meet their customers’ needs. These partners were evaluated based on the overall revenue achievement for of Dell’s Fiscal Year 2013, are Premier/Preferred certifications and had to be in excellent standing with the Dell business overall during the period between February 1st 2012 to January 31st 2013.

Partners competed in award categories and winners were selected from over 730 certified partners in the region for their outstanding performance. Partners awarded are the region’s top performers in the following categories:
                          – Server Excellence
                          – Storage Excellence
                          Networking Excellence

The regional PartnerDirect Excellence is an ongoing effort to recognize excellence in the field of Enterprise Solutions.

Server Excellence Award Winners:

  • Intuit Technologies, ANZ

  • Beijing Asiacom Tech Co,.Ltd., CHINA (2nd year running)

  • Locuz Enterprise Solutions, INDIA

  • NS Solutions Corporation, JAPAN

  • Utimost Ins, KOREA

Storage Excellence Award Winners:
  • Annitel Pty Ltd, ANZ

  • Pansky Co., Ltd, CHINA

  • Wizertech Informatics Pvt Ltd, INDIA

  • Nippon COMSYS Corp., JAPAN

  • T & I Tech, KOREA

Solutions Excellence Award Winners:
  • Global One Technologies, ANZ

  • Guangzhou GTI Engineering, CHINA

  • Eden Infosol Pvt Ltd, INDIA

  • Sherpain Networks Co., KOREA
“The APJ PartnerDirect Excellence Awards represents a group of outstanding partners being Better Together in delivering Dell’s commitment as an end-to-end solution provider”

-- Richard Lee, VP Asia Pacific & Japan, Dell Global Commercial Channel

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