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Dell OEM Partner Program

Every OEM customer is unique with different go-to-market requirements. The Dell OEM Partner Program was created to better serve the needs of OEMs. Dell OEM Partners are hand selected based on their resources and capabilities dedicated to helping OEM customers bring products to market efficiently.

Because our Partners are just as unique as the OEM customers they serve, the Dell OEM Partner Program includes various tiered levels. Categorizing our OEM Partners enables Dell to effectively support our Partners based on their OEM business and reward those who continually demonstrate program interest and growth.

OEM Channel Partners – Resell and configure Dell solutions for OEM customers with the ability to deploy and support largely inseparable products to OEMs or their end-users. Channel Partners are further categorized based on their commitment to the program and their ability to support the unique needs of OEM customers in specific verticals or geographies:

     a) Premier Partner
     b) Preferred Partner
     c) Registered Partner

Dell OEM Channel Partners have dedicated OEM and Embedded Solutions resources for engineering, integration, logistics, sales, marketing and program management that have enabled them to establish a track record of successful OEM project management and solution delivery. They also complement Dell’s offerings by providing value-added services such as custom hardware and software integration, final assembly and test, financing options, inventory management, consolidation and shipping, custom support engagements and supply-chain solutions.

OEM Technology Partners – Collaborate on delivering Dell based solutions that enable OEM Customer efficiency. These Partners provide IP/Technology that is integrated into Dell Hardware offering OEM Customers a more robust and flexible hardware platform.

Dell OEM Partner Program Benefits

Dell OEM Partners are a key piece of the Dell OEM manufacturing and supply-chain ecosystem and like any partnership, we’re better together. By participating in this industry leading program, our Partners have access to the tools and resources needed to help grow their OEM business. Here are some of the benefits they receive:

  • Streamlined business processes so they can focus on their OEM customer’s needs
  • Learn about Dell OEM products and services ahead of the market
  • Ease of doing business. One contract between our Partners and Dell OEM allows them to place orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Because we consider our Partners an extension of the Dell OEM team, they have access to Dell OEM’s Marketing, Sales & Technical tools allowing them to effectively communicate with OEM prospects and customers.
  • Knowledge and experience of over 250 dedicated Dell OEM resources. We understand OEMs and how important their partner relationships can be. We work hand-in-hand with our Partners to build the product and services their OEM customers need so their customers can go to market faster.

For more information about the Dell OEM Partner Program, please send a note to