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Dell Data Protection Solutions

Dell Data Protection Solutions

No matter the size of your customer’s organization or how much data they have, safeguarding the information stored on PCs is critical to security. Preventing unauthorized access to PCs is the first line of defense, and advanced authentication offers exceptional control that is superior to single access-control methods.

Dell offers flexible advanced authentication solutions to keep unauthorized users out of your customer’s data and their business.

     • Choose from a comprehensive suite of advanced authentication options,
     including FIPS 201-certified smart card and fingerprint readers and
     contactless smart card reader

     • Only Dell offers FIPS 140-2 certified TPM for secure credential storage as
     well as hardware credential processing for an added layer of security

     • Remotely manage access control and encryption policies in consolidated
     view using the Dell Data Protection single management console

Dell offers a number of authenticated solutions to fit your customer's specific needs:

Dell Data Protection | Security Tools (DDP | ST)
This end-to-end security solution designed to support advanced authentication, and is included with all Dell Latitude, Dell Precision and Dell OptiPlex systems. DDP | ST can help you manage multiple hardware authentication methods, support Microsoft® Windows pre-boot login and single sign-on (SSO), and manage user credentials and passwords.

Dell Authentication Bundle
Help provide a solid hardware foundation to support advanced authentication with the Dell Authentication Bundle, which is managed by DDP | ST and is optional on Dell Precision, Latitude and OptiPlex systems. The solution includes Dell ControlVault, a separately controlled hardware chip for secure credential storage, and additional hardware authentication features such as:

     • Smart card reader: Supports common access cards (CACs) and personal
     identity verification (PIV) cards. Also available with Federal Information
     Processing Standards (FIPS) 201 certification

     • Contactless smart card reader: Offers streamlined user authentication and 
     is easily managed using DDP | A solutions

     • Fingerprint reader: Supports the Windows Biometric Framework. Also available
     with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201 certification

Embedded hardware security
Available in Dell business-class laptops and workstations are enhanced hardware security features, such as self-encrypting drives (SEDs), DDP | Hardware Crypto Accelerator, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Dell ControlVault. Combined with DDP | ST software, Dell hardware security features support a strong, layered authentication solution.

Dell ControlVault
Dell ControlVault, available on all Dell Latitude systems with the Dell Authentication Bundle, offers secure hardware storage for all user credentials — such as user passwords, smart card data or fingerprint data — used during pre-boot before Microsoft® Windows login. Dell ControlVault fully isolates a user’s credentials from potentially unsecured operating systems and physical hard drives.

DDP | ST solutions are available on Dell business-class laptops, workstations and desktops



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