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Dell Active Infrastructure

​​​Dell Active Infrastructure

Data center convergence designed by Dell, delivered by partners

IT organizations are rapidly adopting converged infrastructure solutions to lower operating costs, speed up deployments, and drive simplicity. However, most solutions are either incomplete and proprietary or complex and expensive.

Dell's approach to convergence lets you provide advanced data center infrastructure platforms that are agile, efficient and high quality. Dell Active Infrastructure accelerates the delivery of IT services with a workload-optimized, automated and integrated infrastructure. It gives your customers an open and heterogeneous architecture, template-based automation and end-to-end support. This not only greatly reduces their time-to-value; it also lowers their costs. Dell Active Infrastructure solutions and systems empower your customers to respond rapidly to dynamic business needs, maximize efficiency and strengthen IT service quality.

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Partner ready, partner friendly

Dell Active Infrastructure is a perfect solution for Partner organizations like yours.
This new set of solutions and systems will enable you to:

Active Infrastructure  

Sell higher margin deals that solve customer issues
• Easier, less complex provisioning enables faster time to market for your customers
• Dell's flexible architectures allow you to sell incremental solutions that leverage your customers' existing infrastructure, protecting them from rip and replace costs
• Holistic solutions and single-vendor support permit efficient interactions and fast problem resolutions


Active Infrastructure  

Increase your revenue by delivering higher-value services
• Pre-integrated systems allow more rapid deployment and allow you to ensure smooth integration and installation for your customers
• Reference architectures enable custom solutions for your customers
• Focus on high margin consulting, installation and support services
• Comprehensive training and support from Dell PartnerDirect ensures your teams have the right set of skills to sell and support these value add solutions


Active Infrastructure  

Improve your customer relationships
• Strengthen your relationships as a business advisor by promoting pre-defined workload solutions
• Establish a long-term vision with IT and business executives using Dell's flexible convergence approach


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Active System Manager 


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Learn more about Dell Active Infrastructure and how it can help you better serve your customers' IT needs and boost your sales.

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