Cloud Enterprise
Dell recommends Windows.
Reach for the Cloud
When it comes to cloud computing, your customers all have different needs—from scalability on demand to reduced hardware infrastructure costs, reduced IT staffing and administration costs, or gaining access to skills and/or capabilities that they have no interest in developing in-house.
But what many of your customers may not know, is how to get the specific cloud solution that can meet those needs—a public, private or hybrid cloud.
Or, how should they go about implementing a cloud solution? Should they evolve their current infrastructure to be more cloud-like, or rip and replace with a revolutionary, new, purpose-built solution?
As a Dell Partner, you know that Dell has everything your customers need to get the cloud solution that can benefit their business. But that’s not all. Working with Intel, they can evolve their data center into an open architecture that is simple, efficient and secure. Working with Microsoft, they have more choice, because they can manage both physical and virtual resources, whether they’re using Hyper-V or multiple hypervisors.
That’s where you come in. Not only can you offer the Dell products and solutions that can help your customers reap the benefits of cloud computing, you have a variety of marketing materials to help you spread the word.
  • "Understanding Cloud" Webinar – Channel Partner version, with a special message from Rich Percaccio

    Download the customer version to share with those who can benefit most.

  • "The Sky's the Limit" Video – send it to your customers, or post it on your website.

    Download the video to share with your customers.
  • This is only Phase I of the Dell Cloud Computing initiative. Over the next several months, the campaign will continues to expand, giving you access to even more marketing materials. Materials that will help you extend the cloud computing conversation with your customers and help you understand what to sell to whom, so you can take advantage of the sales opportunities.

    So, be on the lookout for future information on how to:

  • Increase virtualization and virtualization automation – Phase II
  • Build a cloud from the ground up – Phase III
  • Leverage Dell's Cloud to resell SaaS solutions – Phase IV 
  • Share the future of cloud computing with your customers. This free Webinar and Video are the first step.