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Fresh Air
Help your customers cut costs, carbon and concern from their data centers

Does this sound familiar? Your customers are telling you they need to do more with less—to enhance their productivity and data center stability while reducing operating costs.

Traditional data center technologies are designed to operate between 10 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius with 80% relative humidity. In the event of a power failure or cooling system failure, hardware exposed to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius are no longer covered by warranty. Naturally, companies have invested heavily in systems to keep their data centers well below this threshold.

Dell began the Fresh Air Initiative to provide solutions for your customers that are more heat-tolerant, raising the upper end of the operating temperature range to 45 degrees Celsius. This alone provides significant savings to your customers by essentially allowing them to "turn up the thermostat," lowering energy costs dramatically. For data centers in applicable climates, Fresh Air technologies cut costs further by eliminating chiller systems entirely, drawing cool air from outside into the data center instead of artificially cooling and pumping air through the data center.

Once limited to cooler climates like the Pacific Northwest, New England and Europe, Fresh Air solutions from Dell are now capable of operating across the country. If your customer builds a data center in Death Valley, Fresh Air solutions can handle the heat.

Fresh Air incorporates Dell server, storage and networking devices, to create a total solution for data center customers. In fact, you're probably selling products that are involved in Fresh Air already—1U and 2U rack servers, tower servers, PowerVault and EqualLogic products, Dell network switches—Fresh Air is an entire ecosystem of products.

Offering these Fresh Air Solutions provides your customers with the ability to:
  • cut utility costs
  • shrink their carbon footprint
  • safeguard their data center against thermal climb after a power failure
  • stay ahead of government regulation
  • Done over a portion of the year, customers using Fresh Air-enabled solutions can see up to 50% savings on their electric bills. For the larger Dell data centers, this equates to savings of upwards of $250K of cost avoidance per megawatt of IT.

    Your existing data center customers are a fertile market for Fresh Air technologies. However, some of the greatest savings can be offered to customers developing new data centers by helping them avoid the expense associated with installing a chiller facility in the first place.

    As companies seek to trim costs in every area, and as governments continue to raise efficiency standards, technologies like those that Fresh Air is providing will become in greater demand. Help your customers stay ahead of the curve and start cutting costs now.

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    “Over the last 10 years, I’ve sold hundreds of Dell PowerEdge servers to a wide array of companies. As a key component of the Dell Fresh Air Solution, these devices have helped my customers operate their data centers at much higher temperatures. This has given these companies peace of mind in the event of a possible cooling failure, helped them meet regulatory requirements and improved energy efficiency that can result in a big impact on operating costs.” – Michael Butz, President & CEO - UltraLevel, Inc. learn.